Protestors oppose guns for upcoming ESPN Games

UW student Lisa Shimotake is a member of Against Guns, a student organization promoting gun safety. Like Bierman, she finds the target sports unnerving. She was not so much concerned about the safety of the spectators as she was about the image of guns it gives to the public. "Personally, I don't like the impression it puts on the general population," Shimotake said. "It makes guns look less threatening." She also feels using guns for sport is unsettling. "The fact that people need to improve in the need to shoot things seems scary," Shimotake said.

This one goes into the moonbat file. Basic summary: ESPN is holding some kind of sporting event in a town, and some of the local university idiots decided to protest this because there are target shooting events. They feel, somehow, that competitive target shooting presents a threat to their community. I'll admit that this article scares me, but mainly because the people in it are absolutely insane.

And just to make sure no one misses it -- how is "Against Guns" a "gun safety" group in anything other than Orwellian doublespeak?

The other thing I find noteworthy about this article is the frankness of the position I quoted above. Shortly after expressing concern for the community, this "Against Guns" spokesperson elaborates on how she doesn't like the event because it makes guns less threatening to the public, and because she is scared of them personally. That's a circular argument if I've ever seen one. She's scared of guns, so she wants the community to be afraid of them too (whether the fear is justified or not), so she wants guns to retain their scary image... so she works to prevent non-scary images from getting attention.

This is what we're fighting, folks. Not rational, considered debate, but sheer, gut-level phobia.

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