Everything you wanted to know about Steele's primary source

We know who he was now: a Russian living in DC by the name of Danchenko. He was a regular public drunk in Washington DC who was charged, convicted, and served time for same. He has friends who have been involved in the later impeachment efforts (Fiona Hill, who also knows Eric Ciaramella). He was once prosecuted by Rod Rosenstein. His sources for the rumors about Trump were his bar friends (mostly old friends from Russia, not people currently living in Russia or likely to have access to high level information).

Several of these figures are linked to the Brookings Institute, a tax-exempt nonprofit that is supposed to not be involved in politics. But of course for the left, the rules don't matter.

Danchenko himself confessed that he was "clueless" when Steele hired him.

We also have a new name: Brian Auten wrote the FBI interview memo.

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