How not to push back against wokeness

Spiked-OnlineI think we need to learn how to argue back and to be confident in doing so. Too many people are staying quiet. Maybe they are conflict-averse or have genuine fears. But because we have been a liberal society for so long now, we have not had to argue for the values that support that kind of society. A lot of people simply don’t know how. They are arguing that social-justice activists are hypocritical, because they are racist against white people but also say that racism is wrong. But it is not hypocritical, because they have never claimed to have consistent ideas about racism. We really need people to understand how the system works, and to confidently say they don’t believe what these activists believe – to say they have ethics and principles which work on the basis of the individual and of our shared humanity, not on identity groups.

The problem with this proposed solution is simple: if you tell HR you disagree with the political indoctrination exercise they just required you to participate in, they will ensure you are fired.

That is why people don't speak up, and write blogs under pseudonyms.

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