Pientka briefing memo declassified

News article. Analysis. Full memo. This is the briefing given to then-candidate Trump during the election, which Strzok and Pientka sought to abuse for the purposes of their improper investigation into nonexistent Russian collusion.

Worth noting that one of the FBI officials involved in the briefly is the same one accused by IG Horowitz of altering an email to falsify the Carter Page FISA (ie, to hide that Page had been identified by the CIA as an asset).

In the comments from the analysis link is an interesting suggestion: The precise nature of the notes combined with the fact that they were written by the person giving the briefing suggests that the briefer or someone else at the meeting weas wearing a recording device and working from that recording to generate their notes, which were then filed into the investigative casefiles rather than as Presidential (candidate) briefing material.

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