Illiterates in the news

They have just one job -- report the news in English -- and they can't even manage that. Witness the following quote from a highly paid, prestigious CNN journalist which passed through their layers of fact-checkers and editors: "They installed a floating tank to, in Adams' words, deal with the affluence."

affluence: the state of having a great deal of money; wealth.

effluence: something that flows out or forth; outflow; effluence. a stream flowing out of a lake, reservoir, etc. sewage that has been treated in a septic tank or sewage treatment plant. sewage or other liquid waste that is discharged into a body of water, etc.

Since the "reporter" is quoting the person who actually built the sewage system, I suspect the term is misused through accident and ignorance rather than maliciously attempting to link wealth to sewage. But both possibilities are rather disgusting from people who are paid to write literate English.

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