Flynn pretext investigation continued on Obama's orders

So says the just-released bombshell of Strzok's notes on the January 5th meeting, intended for Strzok's consumption. They appear to say that the Kisliyak call was legitimate, Biden proposed the Logan Act excuse, and Obama ordered the investigation to continue by saying "These are unusual times". Obama also said "Make sure you look at things" (ie, continue the investigation) and "have the right people on it" (ie, reliable Deep State folks).

I mentioned these yesterday before we knew what they contained. The Flynn case was ordered dismissed today by the appeals court.

It's worth noting there are still significant portions of the notes blacked out. There may be even more explosive information under those redactions.

UPDATE: Initially wrote that these were Comey's notes. They appear to be Strzok's notes from a conversation with Comey after the meeting.

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