AG Barr says the Kung Flu has slowed down the Durham investigation

I had already figured out that the virus was being used and overhyped for political purposes. The virus -- or more accurately the excessive hype and panic that induced and extended the economic lockdowns -- has effectively destroyed Trump's massive economic success in his first term. It serves as a very useful media distraction from anything related to Durham's investigation being declassified (in fact, the timing of that is particularly suspicious).

But I hadn't quite made the leap to realizing that shutting down grand juries due to virus concerns would inevitably delay Durham's work, particularly with respect to filing charges.

Remember that the Deep State's aim is simply to draw the matter out past the election. If they can beat Trump, they can shut down any investigations or prosecutions easily. That was also the aim of the Mueller investigation and even the impeachment proceedings -- it would be nice if either got Trump out of office, but it was always a long shot. The real goal was delaying any ability to investigate and prosecute past the election.

And a virus which conveniently shuts down court systems, and thus grand juries, for the 5 months or so between now and election day is just what the Deep State ordered.

Sundance noticed an anomaly in the second part of the interview, when discussing Mifsud. Maria asks the question -- wearing glasses. Barr answers. Maria discusses the answer a little and asks the next question -- without glasses. Barr answers, and Maria returns with glasses.

There was an edit made there. Why? If it was trying to hide something Maria said in her initial response, the insertion of a without-glasses response (presumably recorded later, hence the continuity blip) is odd and serves as a very easy to notice and very easy to fix indicator of the edit. So why didn't they get it right?

My guess is that Maria said something that Barr doesn't want to be public yet, but I have no idea why they would make the edit so obvious.

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