Supreme Court blocks Trump from stopping DACA

It was Roberts and the usual four liberals in a 5-4 decision. Roberts claimed that Trump gave only a single reason for stopping the program and that wasn't enough. Trump's reason was that the program was outside of presidential authority and therefore unconstitutional. Apparently that's not good enough for Roberts.

The decision is horrible. Given Trump's power as President, he should be able to reverse any previous Presidential decree with or without a reason. Regardless, in this case he gave a reason, and a very good one that should be more than sufficient. The predictable result here is that Trump will simply further expound on that reason and win the next case. Of course, in between now and then there will likely be an election with a lot of hispanic voters who will presumably be freshly invigorated by being reminded of this issue. That's the real motive for Roberts and the left, or perhaps for whomever on the left has his hand stuck up Roberts' ass when he votes.

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