The goal is confiscation

Daily WireOn Sunday, the most recognizable far-left activist from Parkland, Florida, called for the confiscation of all semi-automatic weapons from American society in the wake of a shooting in Tennessee.

Reacting to the shooting at a Waffle House in Tennessee in which several people were shot, far-left activist Emma González immediately attacked the NRA and Smith & Wesson Corp.

After several tweets, González called for the confiscation of all semi-automatic firearms, writing: "Removing the assault and semi-automatic weapons from our Civilian society, instituting thorough background checks and mandatory waiting periods (and raising the buying age and banning the production of high-capacity magazines) are the ways to stop shootings in America."

There's really not much to add here. Once you openly reject the founding principles of your nation, once your teachers have so thoroughly failed you that they are leading you in protests against individual rights, once you reject the idea that people rather than tools have agency, you are lost.

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