Virginia-style gun control blitz coming

Peter GrantI have friends who are in a position to follow developments there "behind the scenes". They informed me this week that Michael Bloomberg (who bankrolled the Democrat electoral victory in Virginia) and his anti-gun organizations have taken their victory in that state to heart. They told me that, according to their sources, anti-gun lawyers are drafting national legislation that's intended to be rushed through Congress and the Senate as soon as Democrats have (they hope) taken control of both houses early next year. Basically, they'll reshape US federal law concerning firearms in the image and likeness of what's already been done in Virginia - and just as quickly, if not faster.

If Biden wins, he won't exactly stop gun control. Given Bloomberg's financial push and the legal troubles of the NRA, we're likely to see a lot of activity on the gun control front this election cycle in any areas where Democrats have significant power. Eventually this may backfire if our slimly pro-gun Supreme Court majority holds.

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