Roger Stone alleges Special Counsel asked him to lie

Sara CarterLongtime Trump ally Roger Stone gave an explosive interview to the Sara Carter Show Monday, revealing that Special Counsel Prosecutor Jeannie Rhee had tried to pressure him on the contents of 29 phone conversations he shared with his good friend President Donald Trump during Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. He told this reporter that he refused to lie to the FBI and Special Counsel prosecutors against his friend and in the end that’s why the prosecutors brought erroneous charges against him that had nothing to do with their now-debunked Russia probe.

Stone, who is supposed to begin his 3-year jail sentence Friday, has seen his life and that of his family turned upside down. He has lost his home, his life savings, his insurance and his ability to make an income. He said in the end, he wonders if he’ll survive his jail sentence as a 67-year-old man due to the COVID19 outbreak, while others like disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti have been released for 90 days due to the outbreak.

“On July 24th, 2019, the Mueller prosecutors offered my lawyers a deal,” said Stone. “If Stone will fess up, if he will re-characterize thirty phone conversations between myself and candidate Trump, which they had phone records of, but no tapes of. If I would correctly remember the way they wanted me to, they would recommend no jail time for me and I refused. That’s what this whole atrocity has been about.”

This is not quite surprising or detailed enough to be a bombshell. Of course the special counsel is going to "ask" Stone to implicate others in the matter he is investigating. Of course the special counsel is not supposed to solicit lies, but he is supposed to apply pressure to get to the truth. Exactly how outrageous this is depends a lot on the details of that pressure and whether Stone was explicitly asked or pressured to lie.

But in the larger context, knowing there was nothing to any of this, the pressure looks particularly suspicious and improper.

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