Rosenstein told Trump he's not a target

BloombergDeputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told President Donald Trump last week that he isn’t a target of any part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation or the probe into his longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, according to several people familiar with the matter.

Rosenstein, who brought up the investigations himself, offered the assurance during a meeting with Trump at the White House last Thursday, a development that helped tamp down the president’s desire to remove Rosenstein or Mueller, the people said.

With all due respect to the President, who is the best person to decide how to conduct his own legal defense, he's a fool if he trusts this reassurance from Rosenstein, just as he was a fool to trust the assurance from Comey that he was not a target of the investigation.

Obviously, Trump is the political target of Mueller's investigation in general and Trump's files held by Cohen are the target of the investigation into Cohen.

Remember, Rosenstein was one of the people who signed off on the Page FISA warrant, and who appointed Mueller after Comey was fired. And remember that awkward little meeting during the transition team when Obama and his political lackeys were plotting with their subordinates about how to keep the investigation open under Trump without letting him know about it?

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