Active measures to frame Trump with Alfa Bank allegations?

Just The NewsAfter an assessment by Ankura’s Cyber Threat Analysis and Pursuit Team (CTAPT) of possible DNS activity between the Trump organization, the marketing agency servers, and the Alfa Bank servers, the cyber experts found “no evidence that and were used by Alfa-Bank and the Trump organization for covert communications.”

The Ankura team did, however, find evidence that suggests so-called "threat actors" conjured the appearance of a connection between the Trump servers and Alfa Bank servers by creating false Domain Name System activity (DNS). If this is true, it "would constitute a potential violation of various U.S. laws," says the report.

If, in fact, someone was trying to fake the appearance of traffic between the two systems, it would represent a significant piece of evidence for an actual frame job rather than simply making up rumors. The first question people should be asking here is who controlled those two domains ( and at the time. If it wasn't Trump or Alfa Bank, who was it?

If either side of that transaction is controlled by Fusion GPS or Intel Agency assets, we have a frame job. And there are more ways to do a frame job even if those domains are controlled by some Trump-related org and/or Alfa Bank; DNS is not a very secure protocol).

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