New evidence about source of DNC leak surfaces

Judicial WatchOn December 15, 2016, Strzok forwards to Page an article from the Daily Mail reporting that a former British diplomat, Craig Murray, claimed to have received emails that were stolen from the DNC and John Podesta. Murray said he received the emails near the grounds of American University in Washington, DC. The article says the emails were from an inside DNC source, not Russians. Strzok writes in his cover note to Page, “Shaddy sh*t at AU…;)”.

Craig Murray has a Twitter account and a blog wherein he comments on Seth Rich. The obvious logical leap is that he received the emails (or at least some emails) from Seth Rich at American University as mentioned above, or at least was aware of his role in leaking them. Which would sort of put an end to the idea that the Russians hacked the DNC to get them.

This article appears to be the one where Craig Murray describes receiving the emails.

I find myself wondering how I missed this at the time. It was published in December of 2016.

To be sure, Craig does not say outright that he got the emails from Seth Rich, but he does say where he got at least some emails and is linked to Wikileaks, and is also commenting on the Seth Rich case.

Best guess? There's more than one leaker, and Wikileaks is keeping quiet to protect the other(s) involved.

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