FBI says it didn't review file that tied Steele to Russian oligarchs

Just The NewsKey FBI officials failed to review an intelligence file identifying Christopher Steele's ties to Russian oligarchs and were later advised some of the information he provided agents in his dossier appeared to be misinformation planted by Russian intelligence, according to declassified information made public Friday.

The explosive revelations were contained in footnotes that had been originally redacted from Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz's December report on FBI failures in the Russia case. The information was provided to two Senate committees in recent days.

That's obviously a headline that will shock and horrify anyone with a decewnt bone in their body. Oh no! The FBI failed to review an intelligence file that would have exposed Steele's ties to Russia! They were negligent! They were incompetent!

Folks, we're well beyond negligent and incompetent here. The game being played is criminal indictments from Durham, and in that context, negligent and incompetent is a lot better than criminal charges -- especially when the reasonable punishments for negligence and incompetence (ie, losing your job) have already been applied.

So, this whole claim here boils down to "It wasn't our fault, we didn't know, we didn't look, we were stupid." But Steele was telling the FBI all about his Russian contacts; that was where he was claiming to get his information.

And what did his contacts say when the Mueller investigation interviewed them? They said it was all bullshit and bar talk that Steele either took out of context or make up completely.

So remember, the line that the Steele dossier was all Russian disinformation validates the claim that Russia interfered in the election (even if not as advertised, that will be glossed over) and remains an FBI defensive narrator to replace criminal culpability with aw-shucks-I-guess-they-got-me bullshit.

Don't buy it.

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