Footnotes from IG report on SpyGate to be declassified

Just The NewsU.S. intelligence has decided to declassify several redacted footnotes from a recent Justice Department report that will expose more problems with the FBI’s investigation into President Trump’s campaign, including that agents possessed evidence their main informant may have been the victim of Russian disinformation, Just the News has learned.

The previously redacted footnotes are likely to raise new concerns that the FBI ignored flashing red warning signals about the informant Christopher Steele and gave a false picture in briefing materials supplied to Congress.

It seems likely that Trump's recent actions in firing the ICIG Atkinson (who was clearly a Deep State operative whose involvement in SpyGate and QuidProQuoGate should have been notorious) and installing a new Acting DNI has allowed these actions to move forward. However, the matter is not quite so simple as that.

First, the content of the footnotes. In brief, the footnotes indicate that the FBI knew the Steele information was likely Russia disinformation and used it anyway. That's bad enough... but there is an argument that the classified footnotes themselves represent a Deep State defense, specifically that there really was a "Russian plot", but the plot was disinformation and thus the FBI was acting stupidly but in good faith.

Except of course they knew all along and used the information anyway.

At a minimum there's a point where they provably knew and continued with the Mueller probe anyway.

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