Dem Policy on Coronavirus

The Dems in power seem to be going a little bit nuts. Recently, the Governor of Nevada bans use of chloroquine on coronavirus, saying he wants to reserve it for use on those patients normally prescribed it. And maybe also stop people from taking fish tank cleaner because one molecule has the same name.

If the treatment works on coronavirus, banning prescriptions will be seen as a deadly mistake. If it doesn't, patients who have other conditions treated by the drug will be thankful. How many people are in the latter category compared to the number of people who will get coronavirus?

I don't see this as a political winner for anyone smart enough not to eat fish tank cleaner.

Then, the Mayor of LA threatens to shut down water and power for businesses that continue to operate against his shutdown order.

So, in other words, if they defy his stay-at-home quarantine order, he will make it impossible for them to run their business. Someone isn't thinking clearly. Any idea how long that will take to undo once the economy opens again?

Several cities, and even some states, have tried to shut down gun stores, running afoul of the 2nd Amendment right when people might need a firearm to protect themselves because the police won't.

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