House passes FISC renewal, claims it has reforms

Fox NewsThe bill includes enhanced congressional oversight of the FISA process, penalties for those who abuse the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) process for political purposes, and the requirement to have transcripts of court proceedings... The bill seeks to rein in a controversial portion of the surveillance powers, known as Section 215, which gives the government broad powers to demand “business records” from companies in the name of national security investigations. In an effort to better protect privacy, the legislation would prohibit using Section 215 to acquire information that would otherwise require a warrant and would ban obtaining GPS and cell site locations, Nadler said.

The National Security Agency (NSA) previously used Section 215 to collect bulk phone data records, which was highly controversial. In recent years, the bulk metadata collection was outlawed and a narrowly tailored program was allowed, but now that program would be officially ended under the legislation....

The new legislation also requires the attorney general to personally sign off on surveilling government officials.

I don't see how requiring the AG to sign off before surveiling government officials will prevent the CIA, NSA, DOJ, and FBI from spying on candidates in order to prevent them from becoming officials. Or protect the privacy rights of ordinary people at all. This may be better than a clean renewal, but not by much. Hopefully the Senate can make it stronger.

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