What on earth is the FBI looking for?

So far, we have a lot of different rumors about what the FBI is looking for in the raid on Cohen's offices. I take this to mean that the FBI doesn't have any single thing they are actually looking for, and are just trying to cast the widest possible net and hope they catch something they can sell.

The latest thing they are claiming to be looking for is the Access Hollywood tape (or at least documents related to it). It's not clear if they are claiming Cohen paid someone, or tried to pay someone, to keep the tape off the air, or what exactly the alleged crime is. Since the tape did get aired, that seems like a nonstarter.

The Hill also mischaracterizes the content of the tape:

The HillThe agents wanted records related to the tape, in which Trump can be heard talking about grabbing and kissing women without their consent.

What he said was, quoting from memory, "You can grab them by the pussy and they just let you do it." (Emphasis mine)

That's certainly crude locker room talk and potentially grounds for sexual assault charges... except if they just let you do it it's called consent.

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