Paul Ryan will not seek re-election

Good. He's been a disaster ever since he signed on as McCain's VP candidate.

UPDATE: So, this makes me wonder why now? What happened recently that would cause Paul Ryan to make his announcement today?

Well, Mueller raided Trump's personal lawyer's residences and offices. That made a lot of news. But what does that have to do with Paul Ryan? Nothing obvious.

The other thing that happened is that Devin Nunes threatened contempt votes and impeachment proceedings if the FBI does not provide the "electronic communication" that initiated the Trump-Russia investigation today.

One of those things has a deadline that doesn't give Paul Ryan any time to think before he acts, assuming he wants to get his intended retirement out before some damaging information about him gets out.

So, yeah, I'm setting down a marker here. Something in the "electronic communication" damages Paul Ryan enough to make his re-election impossible.

UPDATE: So, Nunes got the document, with fewer redactions. I'll go one step further. Ryan is Speaker of the House. He's third in line for the presidency if something happens; he's arguably one of the three most powerful government officials around (with the other two being the President and the Senate Majority Leader). If the Obama FBI and DOJ were going to notify anyone in Congress about what they were up to with the Trump campaign, the list would pretty much have to include Ryan and McConnell.

I'm betting Ryan was one of the first people to be notified of the investigation, and that he approved it or at least did not speak up about it, and that the "electronic communication" reveals that.

That's all speculation based on the timing, but my bets are on the table.

Let's find out what the FBI has been hiding.

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