Translator at Trump Tower meeting said nothing happened

FBI 302s associated with the Mueller team are starting to come out. One of the latest and most important releases is the interview with the translator at the infamous Trump Tower meeting which was used to paint Trump (via his son who attended) as being in cahoots with the Russians. The meeting was actually almost certainly a setup by Fusion GPS (who met with the Russian representative shortly before and after the meeting).

What's news is that Mueller's team interviewed the translator less than four days after the news of that meeting leaked -- and found out that nothing untoward happened at the meeting, the only topic of discussion was sanctions under the Magnitsky act, and all of that from a man who didn't like Trump and had ties to Hillary and the State Department.

And the Mueller team continued to investigate and allow the Russian Collusion myth to persist for 2 years (and, not coincidentally, a midterm election) before finally releasing a report.

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