I've been keeping an eye on the Coronavirus news. I don't really have any expertise to add. My thoughts were, basically, to start worrying when it showed serious signs of breaking out beyond China. Now cases are spiking in South Korea and Italy. This one looks like it will be going global.

China is admitting the virus did not start in a food market. That's not an admission of an escaped bioweapon, but it's several steps closer to that. Combined with reports that the virus started in the prison system, is it possible China was testing their bioweapons on prisoners?

Should this situation result in mass deaths in major world powers, it will substantially complicate the diplomatic situation.

This is going to get worse before it gets better, and we have enough cases in the US to be worth worrying about now. So far they are cases we know about. The thing to watch for will be cases where we do not know how they started, because they had no contact with known cases. That would mean unknown carriers, and it would be very difficult indeed to catch up if there are many of those.

UPDATE: More here.

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