Dems in Virginia to release hundreds of convicted murderers

Conservative ReviewVirginians might have dodged the bullet of a mass gun control bill, but lest some think sanity has been restored to the Virginia legislature, the same Democrat politicians relentlessly promoting restrictions on self-defense for law-abiding citizens are pushing for release of violent criminals. One major bill is now headed to Governor Ralph Northam’s desk.

On Monday, Virginia’s Senate passed HB35, which offers early release to juveniles serving a life sentence without parole once they have already served 20 years. This is a growing trend in a lot of liberal states, but a number of Republicans have bought into this radical idea of retroactively abolishing life without parole for juvenile murderers. This bill will potentially offer release for over 700 people sentenced to life as juveniles, according to liberal activists supporting the bill.

This people got into prison by killing at least one person. I doubt their ability to successfully navigate life out of prison will have been improved by 20 years inside, surrounded by criminals, with no job skills and a felony murder conviction.

There are crimes for which I would support this sort of reform. Murder is not one of them. For exceptional cases, there's the executive clemency (pardon) system. But... that won't get criminals out of prison and onto the voter rolls in time to save the Dems in 2020. So, mass releases are the way to go.

Or, you know, mass escape plots.

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