Trump, Wikileaks, and the pardon kerfluffle

Trump recently pardoned a few people; less than just about every other President in recent history. The media promptly freaked out about that, and are now claiming that Trump offered to pardon Assange (the man behind Wikileaks, who published the DNC leaked emails, and the Podesta emails) in return for saying where Assange got the DNC emails from. The implication is that Assange would be pardoned in return for a lie, and the pardon is thus a corrupt bargin and obstruction of justice.

There are problems with this narrative.

First, Trump did not pardon Assange and did not ask that a pardon offer be conveyed.

Second, Assange has always maintained he did not receive the DNC emails from a hacker, and has strongly suggested he got them from a leaker (Seth Rich) who was subsequently murdered under unusual circumstances. The FBI has something to hide about Seth Rich's murder, and the timing of the recent indictment strongly suggests they want Assange in custody and under control so he cannot speak out.

Third, the charges against Assange have pretty obviously been false from the beginning. In Europe he was accused of ... accidentally not wearing a condom during consensual sex and thus this is rape. Except those got dropped. The people involved seem likely to be plants, and not the kind you need to water every day. The other US charges are related to the Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning affair, and originate from the Deep State SpyGate team. They are also slim, revolving around helping with "hacking" that never happened.

So why the big stink about the pardon thing, when the Assange part wasn't in the news until the media injected it?

Because the Judicial Watch FOIA suggests more about Seth Rich will be coming out, and the idea of Trump getting Assange to testify somehow is obviously scaring the wits out of the Deep State. If Assange testifies that it wasn't Russia, and it was Seth Rich... all of Russiagate blows up.

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