Alleged Mifsud recording denies offering dirt on Hillary to Page?

Fox NewsClaims that a Maltese academic offered “dirt” on Hillary Clinton to a former Trump campaign adviser are “absolutely … not true,” the professor is heard saying on a newly released audio recording, according to a British newspaper.

Professor Joseph Mifsud made the remarks in October 2017 to a reporter from The Telegraph of London, the newspaper claimed Thursday in a story promoting its “Crossfire” podcast.

The paper’s website includes an audio clip of 1 minute and 33 seconds of the reporter, Robert Mendick, purportedly talking with Mifsud, whose whereabouts have been unknown in recent years...

Fox News could not independently verify whether the voice was that of Mifsud, but his lawyer, Stefan Roh, expressed skepticism, given that much of the recording was centered on Mifsud insisting he did not work for "any service, secret service or intelligence or none of this kind.”

So, let's review.

If it IS Mifsud, he said he doesn't work for any intelligence agencies, and did not say anything to Papadopoulos about dirt on Hillary. This would seem at first glance to be bad news for the SpyGate folks since it goes against the Russian narrative -- but the FBI is not claiming their investigation began with Mifsud and Papadopoulos. They claim it began after that.

If it ISN'T Mifsud... as Mifsud's lawyer says... who is it and what motive do they have for the claims?

Cui Bono? Who benefits?

The US intelligence agencies who desperately want to cover up their own involvement in this farce. Producing a fake Mifsud recording and leaking it to the media seems an easy way to create confusion and doubt over their involvement with the man who seems to remain in hiding or perhaps dead.

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