The next planned scandal begins

Four prosecutors have deceived their DOJ superiors in order to file excessive sentencing recommendations for Roger Stone, and then immediately resigned. The simultaneous resignation suggests coordination. The House has already demanded that AG Barr appear to testify on this matter, scheduled a hearing for it, and suggested Trump interfered in the sentencing processing. That also suggests coordination and planning.

This is the fake scandal the Democrats intend to ride to the election in November. They will likely vote to impeach Trump again, claiming that doing so is necessary to prevent him conspiring with Russia to "steal" it. Never mind that that allegation has already been thoroughly disproven; since Roger Stone was convicted of process crimes related to that investigation, the media can trumpet the conviction while conveniently eliding the details.

And since it involves the Justice Department, they will call it obstruction of justice. (Never mind that the President can certainly make political decisions about how to handle prosecutions and sentencing; that's the point of having elected officials. And never mind that the President could simply pardon Roger Store. And never mind that he likely did none of those things, leaving them to his appointed attorney general and his subordinates).

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