Twitter censors Project Veritas to protect Bernie

SpectatorAll of that — and all the election news we’ll be surrounded by — is less important than trying to repair the damage to our system of government created by the FB–CIA “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation of Trump and his campaign in 2016–17. As this column has said repeatedly (see here and here and here), it was the worst abuse of power by federal employees in the history of our nation.

Some of those repairs have already been accomplished. Last week, Attorney General William Barr announced a change in Justice Department policy that will require the signatures of both the attorney general and the director of the FBI in order for the FBI to begin a counterintelligence investigation on any presidential campaign.

Barr’s action could, of course, be reversed by a Democratic attorney general and doesn’t affect the CIA. But it is entirely the right thing to do.

As far as reforms go, this is worse than useless. Yes, any Democrat AG could and would reverse this prior to opening such an investigation. But more pertinantly, the people involved in Crossfire Hurricane will likely insist to their last day that they weren't targeting Trump or his campaign. They will claim they were targeting Carter Page, who just happened to be on Trump's campaign.

This transparent lie will nonetheless be sufficient to get around the policy change Barr announced.

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