Bernie Vs Trump

American ThinkerEven worse, this sense of alienation that affects many of Sanders supporters actually makes them more open to Trump than most other Democrats. Ten percent of Sanders supporters actually ended up voting for Trump in 2016, a reflection of the fact that personality rather than policy drives a lot of people, especially younger folks.

This is not a personality over policy thing. Yes, both Trump and Bernie have chrisma, which is lacking among many of their opponents. But it is not the only thing their opponents lack. They are also both proposing radical solutions to real modern problems. Yes, their proposals are very different policies -- but they are also very different from the establishment preferred policies.

There is clearly a large demographic group that feels alienated by the common policies of the "established" Republican and Democrat parties. Trump won the primary on the basis of proposing radical solutions his party previously gave lip service to without actually accomplishing. In that year, the Democrats nominated Hillary and "establishment" politics were supposed to prevail with her coronation. That did not happen.

Now, the Democrats are being asked to pick a leader again. And Bernie is the anti-Hillary from 2016 who originated a lot of the policy proposals his establishment opponents stole. He's only been in the Senate since 2006 which makes him practically a spring chicken despite his physical age. This Democrat primary remains a battle between the establishment and those who seek something different.

Trump was something different on the Republican side. Bernie is the something different on the Democrat side. They are both presenting different solutions to the same groups of people with the same basic problems. (To be fair, many of the other candidates are also proposing something different, but they are in many ways silly and unserious).

How will this play out in 2020?

Bernie is appealing to this demographic within the Democrat party. That may offer him the energy to win the primary. But as noted above, he may have lost support to Trump compared to 2016, and the party has had time to strategize against him. However, should he win the nomination...

Trump has had four years to show that his solutions to those problems worked, and Bernie has got jack shit to show for his.

That will not be pretty.

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