A judicial motivation for impeachment

National ReviewIt is worth bearing in mind: Impeachment is not just any trial. It stops the legislative business of the United States cold. There will be no movement of bills, no consideration of appointments, no hearings on vital issues such as Iran and the use of force. The impeachment trial will impede the work of the Supreme Court, since the chief justice must preside. In this instance, the impeachment trial will even wreak havoc on the Democratic nomination campaign, as senators — including top-tier contenders Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders — must sit as jurors for six days a week.

That's an aspect I had considered for Supreme Court nominations, but I hadn't thought it through to include the judicial nominations that Trump has been pushing through so rapidly. If the Dems can shut down the Senate's confirmations for the 2020 election year, that's a big win for them if Trump loses, even if the impeachment itself fails. They would have to drag out the impeachment for that, which would annoy their candidates, but it might be worth it. And even if not, six weeks of no more Trump judges is not nothing.

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