Steele's dossier sources designed to exploit an FBI flaw?

The FederalistThere is a second significant problem bearing on the Page FISA applications that the IG exposed in his earlier audit of the CHS validation process: “The IG’s audit of confidential human sources reveals that the FBI did not maintain validation reports for sub-sources, defined in the report as individuals ‘who directly acquire[] information that is then provided to the FBI by an FBI CHS.’” Sub-sources, of course, are secondhand sources of information to FBI sources.

According to Horowitz, Delta “does not identify and track extraterritorial sub-sources.” That means that the CHS system “will lack complete and accurate information on its CHS coverage stemming from extraterritorial sub-sources.”
The FBI’s failure to maintain a database to identify and track sub-sources decimates the entire basis for the Carter Page surveillance warrants. According to the IG report, the FISA applications all disclosed that “Steele relied upon a Primary Sub-source who used a network of sub-sources, and that neither Steele nor the Primary Sub-source had direct access to the information being reported.” The FISA applications then “contained a separate footnote on each sub-source with a brief description of his/her position or access to the information he/she was reporting.”

Strange how Steele's resume and dossier came to the FBI perfectly prepared to exploit this flaw in the FBI's record keeping system. Steele was considered credible (albeit not by his original case handler!) and the FBI's system could only track his own credibility, not that of his foreign subsources.

This approach to the FBI really looks like it was designed by someone who knew the limitations fo the FBI's system and wanted to make it hard to identify and track the actual sources for Steele's information soi their credibility could be measured and potentially consequences applied. Instead Steele became the front man for everything.

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