Does the Page FISA fraud invalidate all of the Mueller warrants too?

American GreatnessAccording to the recent inspector general’s report on the conduct of the FBI’s collusion investigation, several agents met with Steele’s primary source in early 2017 in order finally to get to the bottom of the Russia collusion claims Steele initiated. It would be another four months before then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would launch the reign of terror known as the “Mueller investigation.” Countless Americans would have their privacy invaded by 500 search warrants, 2,800 subpoenas, and 500 FBI interrogations.

Every one of those 500 search warrants must have been supported by an affidavit swearing the FBI had probable cause to suspect Trump was conspiring with Russia to affect the outcome of the 2016 election. Since we now know the FBI deceived the court in the Carter Page warrant applications at the dawn of the Trump/Russia collusion investigation, we have reason to wonder about the next 500 warrants issued in the same investigation.

Remember when Roger Stone was dragged from his house at gunpoint to search for evidence of Russia collusion? That was one of 500 warrants executed. The probe terrorized its political enemies at a rate of approximately one warrant per business day.

Remember, all of those warrants were based on the idea that Trump was colluding with Russia. And all of the Trump-Russia collusion was based on the hoax dossier.

Doesn't that invalidate not just the main FISA warrant against Carter Page and the Trump campaign, but also all the Mueller investigation warrants? At a minimum, those applied for after the dossier was known to be a hoax.

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