The Rise of Skywalker

I didn't intend to see this one in theaters, as a reaction to both Solo (which was so bad it was unwatchable even on Netflix) and The Last Jedi (rented on home streaming months after the theater release). But a friend had an extra ticket they had already bought that was going to go unused, and I was willing to occupy a seat that had already been sold.

My take: Meh. It was better than Solo and The Last Jedi. It was, barely, positive, meaning I enjoyed it if I didn't think too hard about it.

Some spoilers may be below, but probably not big ones.
Rey was still a Mary Sue with mysterious force powers coming from unexplained sources, but they did at least show her training a bit. Pity the training sequences didn't come in The Force Awakens, where they might have actually helped. Also force ghosts now have the ability to use the force and affect the living world.

The cinamatography was really good visually, very dramatic. The plot sucked and the writing was minimalistic, bad, and incoherent. The fight choreography was awful, though they get minor points for a little bit of subtlety with Rey's fighting style switching back and forth. Even with that, it wasn't entertaining to watch. Leia's acting was impressive for a dead woman.

Lando had a creepy moment with young black girl whose previous interactions seemed to be lining her up for a Finn love interest. What was that about?

Finn himself had the beginnings of a decent character arc show up here, too bad its the third movie in the trilogy.

Bo was put in command of the whole Rebel Alliance. Have they never heard of a chain of command?

Why are thousands of armed warships able to appear to resist the Final Order at a few hours notice through a nightmarish lightspeed navigation hazard to participate in a seemingly hopeless battle when the whole of The Last Jedi was about no one showing up to help?

Way to nullify 3P0's massive sacrifice, R2. (This should have happened between the prequels and the original trilogy so 3P0 would have an excuse not to remember Anakin).

I could list many, many more plot holes. Bottom line, they brought it back from the disaster of The Last Jedi to something barely, barely, acceptable. The foundation for a whole new universe of stories and plots this is not. If the prequel trilogy was a messy convoluted and polarized combination of some really good stuff and some really bad stuff, this was a neutral, undifferentiated bowl of Star Wares gruel made from fewer "portions" than Rey gets from raiding crashed star destroyers and not selling sympathetic droids.

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