Back and forth on the Steele dossier and the ICA

New York TimesBut C.I.A. analysts still wanted to leave the dossier out of the assessment, as it was not vetted. Mr. Brennan’s allies have said he was among the officials who wanted to omit the dossier from the assessment.

Here's the thing. Both Comey and Brennan are claiming the other wanted to include the "crown material" (ie, Steele dossier) in the assessment. They know that being the one left holding that is dangerous. We also know Horowitz has probably already had a look at Comey's emails, and Durham is now reading through Brennan's. One of them is lying, and they both have made statements under oath about this.

New York TimesAndrew G. McCabe, then the deputy director of the F.B.I., pushed back, according to the inspector general report, accusing the intelligence chiefs of trying to minimize Mr. Steele’s information.

Hmm... there's McCabe's name again. Remember, he's the whose wife's first run for political office got donations from Clinton-linked financiers to the tune of $700K or so. And he keeps showing up pushing the dossier. Durham should be scrutinizing McCabe very closely.

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