Was McCabe the hidden hand?

Bookworm RoomStarting at p. 84, the IG addresses the date on which the FBI leadership received the “Steele Dossier.” An oversea’s FBI Agent, eponymously referred to as Handler 1 in the IG Report, met with Christopher Steele on July 5, 2016, well before the opening of Crossfire Hurricane on the 31st, and received Steele first report 2016/080 — that Trump was a Russian spy and that Russia had the “pee tape” of Trump in Moscow by which they could blackmail him. Steele also told Handler 1 (p. 96) that he “was aware that “Democratic Party associates” were paying for Fusion GPS’s research, the “ultimate client” was the leadership of the Clinton presidential campaign, and “the candidate” was aware of Steele’s reporting.” Handler 1 ultimately forward Report 080 and several others he soon received from Steele to the New York Field Office (NYFO). On a 13 July 2016 phone call with the NYFO, Handling Agent 1 described “the contents of Report 80, identif[ied] [Steele’s employer as Glenn] Simpson as a client of a law firm, and include[d] the following: “law firm works for the Republican party or Hillary and will use [the information described in Report 80] at some point. ”

The FBI’s NYFO evaluated the information — including a particular discussion of Steele’s employer — but did not send the report on to FBI leadership in Washington. The IG does not explain why. That said, according to the IG (p. 99), it was a serendipitous tip by the Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, that led the Crossfire Hurricane team to the Steele Reports at NYFO. “On August 25, 2016, according to a Supervisory Special Agent 1 (SSA 1) who was assigned to the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, during a briefing for then Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on the investigation, McCabe asked SSA 1 to contact NYFO about information that potentially could assist the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.” The IG does not explain how McCabe knew about the Steele Dossier.

Knowledge of the Steele Dossier came to the attention of the Crossfire Hurricane team at a propitious moment in their investigation. They were investigating Trump, but according to the IG Report, had determined that they did not have probable cause to seek FISA warrants. The Steele Dossier changed that. The Steele Dossier provided the basis for the FISA warrant targeting Carter Page, and presumably all people within the “two hop” ambit of him. More on that in other posts.

I wrote (and linked) earlier about the evident "hidden hand" behind some of the odd coincidences within the FBI's investigation of the Steele dossier and the Russia Hoax. The quote above brings one more fact into the mix: the Steele dossier itself was not forwarded to FBI HQ initially. Perhaps because Steele's existing handler didn't think it important given Steele's evident political bias. But it was brought to the CH team via a tip from McCabe.

And it was McCabe who overruled Bill Priestap to keep Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page on the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. The pair had previously violated the chain of command to keep McCabe informed.

McCabe is also the one whose wife got hundreds of thousands in campaign donations from Clinton-linked financiers. Do you think that maybe someone in the Clinton camp tipped off McCabe that there was a dossier waiting for him in the NYFO?

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