DHS wants to implement mandatory facial recognition at the border

Daily CallerThe Department of Homeland Security is proposing a rule that would allow the government to use facial recognition data to identify everyone traveling to and from the country, including U.S. citizens.

Non-citizens traveling through U.S. airports have been required to get their fingerprints scanned and have their picture taken since the mid-noughties. American citizens have enjoyed the choice of opting out of this requirement. However, in a recent regulatory filing, DHS is pushing to require all international travelers — including U.S. citizens — have their photograph taken.

Before you blame Trump, note the "required by statute" part. I still don't like it, but they already have your picture. I just don't see it doing enough good to outweigh the inevitable false positives.

(They give a 99% match rate, which sounds good, but that's only checking the much smaller pool of non-citizens; if a million US citizens get checked that's 10,000 mismatches even assuming the error rate holds up after you increase the candidate pool of matches dramatically).

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