DoD IG report on Halper

Real Clear PoliticsThe report, completed by the Department of Defense inspector general, does not address Halper’s interaction with Papadopoulos and Page, nor does it question or answer whether Halper was a spy, a confidential human source, or just a curious professor. But it makes clear that Halper signed his richest contract award with the Department of Defense’s Office of Net Assessment — $411,575 for two studies on China’s economy — on Sept. 26, 2016, around the time Halper was meeting with Page and Papadopoulos.
That helps explain how Halper was able to collect more than $1 million from the Pentagon in four years. The late ONA director, Andrew Marshall, presided over the first three of Halper’s studies looked at by the IG. The one in 2016 was approved by the current ONA director, James Baker. ONA "acquisition officers" are in charge of the paperwork.
The question of whether the U.S. government funded spying on Americans, of course, hangs over the Defense Department IG review, but goes unmentioned. The IG also ignored the “potential partisan political” question and focused on the less fraught questions of waste, fraud, and abuse.

James Baker was heavily involved in SpyGate. And he was the one paying Halper in 2016. Game, set, match.

BUT: Horowitz's report may not deal with this aspect since it is under the umbrella of a different IG. And the DoD IG appears to be passing on the political aspects and simply pointing out Halper's expenses are BS. Is someone -- Durham? -- looking into what Halper was really doing?

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