Narrative Engineering

The New York Times tries to spin parts of the IG FISA report, but there are some holes in their narrative. Readers, do not believe the leaks, because they are 100% certain to be disinformation and spin. Wait for the report. It may be good, it may be bad, and maybe a wise reader can gain some insight into the contents by reading the leaks. But don't believe the leaks.


If Barr has any brains, and according to previous reporting, individuals are being shown only those portions of the report that they are personally involved in. That means this leak likely comes from a small group of people around the individual featured most prominently in it. I'd say canary trap, but the report will be released soon anyway.

Promising signs: Durham is traveling to Italy (where Mifsud resides) rather frequently. Trump says he's been told the report is historic.

I'm going to lay this prediction marker down, just in case. I think the Horowitz report on FISA abuse will include one or more criminal referrals for specific improper acts (such as altering an email) while taking the broader position that the FBI (largely, with individual exceptions) believed they were acting in good faith, while Durham prosecutes the CIA players who arranged the setup, and possibly those involved in the Mueller investigation/coverup.

Remember, Horowitz has limited scope, and he was tasked with FISA abuse only. The CIA activities, involving Mifsud, Burina, Halper, and so on, are mostly outside of that scope... but not outside of Durham's scope.

UPDATE: Meaning In History has a similar take. And he also reminds us that that charge against Clinesmith (for altering an email) means Clinesmith is going to get squeezed for info on the Corrupt Organization known as the "resistance". It might even be appropriate to think of Clinesmith as "the first domino".

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