The quid pro quo that never happened

Ukraine foreign minister said no quid pro quo. This is on top of Trump saying no quid pro, the president of Ukraine saying no quid pro quo, the ambassador saying no quid pro quo (walking back previous testimony that he sourced to the New York Times), and the transcript says no quid pro quo. The only people saying there was one were those three or four people removed from the call where it supposedly happened. And even if there had been one, foreign aid for US policy objectives is entirely legitimate, and investigating admitted Ukrainian government interference in our 2016 election is legitimate, and investigating what seems like admitted corruption with regard to the Biden family is also entirely legitimate.

If I wanted to speculate, I would speculate that someone with a bigger whistle than brain overheard rumors about Trump investigating some of his own activities in Ukraine and decided to blow himself in a bid to protect himself from retaliation, and then in order to support his claim, organized people to make suggestive but baseless text inquiries with the idea that that would provide credibility to the story.

Except, you know, Trump did nothing wrong and released the transcript to prove it.

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