State Dept confirmed "do not prosecute" list

The story here is that, as confirmed by John Solomon, Marie Yovanovitch (formerly ambassador to Ukraine) publicly interfered in the internal politics of that nation by calling for the firing of a certain prosecutor; presented a list of individuals to that government that they were instructed not to prosecute, some of which had criticized Manafort; and the State Department confirmed that a list of names was presented and associated with a request not to prosecute.

That certainly seems like the US embassy was exerting pressure on Ukraine to block prosecution of corruption. That seems questionable at best, and corrupt at worst... and it matches up quite well with what Biden bragged about (ie, getting a prosecutor investigating corruption fired by threatening to withhold aid), and combined with Biden's son (not to mention individuals associated with former SecState Kerry and other prominent Democrats) being paid by those under investigation... well, it looks like corruption followed by pressure to cover up the corruption.

There were also allegations Yovanovitch was making comments critical of Trump (which would certainly be grounds for removal, if any were needed, but a President can remove ambassadors at will).

That's exactly the sort of environment where a plot to influence an election might be hatched.

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