Second whistleblower complaint about illegal donations to first whistleblower

It's confusing to write about so many anonymous whistleblowers, so let's clear things up. The first whistleblower is alleged to be Eric Ciaramella, which every mainstream media outlet is vigorously censoring, as are Facebook and Youtube.

Now that we are less confused... Ciaramella, who Dan Bongino suspects was used by the FBI and/or the Mueller Special Counsel investigation to spy on the White House and the duly elected President... oh gosh, has the media been censoring that too? While I'm filling you in on that I should also mention the Mueller report cited Ciaramella for emails whose content was also leaked to the media, making him an illegal leaker before he was a fake whistleblower and gofundme profiteer.

Anyways, Eric and/or his lawyers set up a gofundme account that has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential foreign-sourced cash intended to influence an election... and now a second whistleblower has filed a complaint about that. See, while the President having policy disagreements with the "interagency consensus" isn't illegal, collecting donations, and possibly from foreign sources, probably is.


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