Stop conceding the point on Trump's speech

Ever since Trump became a serious candidate people, especially those on the Republican side who in theory should be supporting him, have been using his manners, mannerisms, and mode of speech as a kind of disclaimer. "I don't like the way he talks, but..." "He's vulgar, but..." At its core that sentiment is an expression of class distinction. Despite his wealth, Trump does come across as unsophisticated, lower-class, more like the working men and women than the elites who imagine they run government from their office chairs and cocktail parties.


That's the argument the Left will use in 2020 to shut him down. You can already see signs of it, especially in online forums. YouTube bans videos discussing gender transitions as hate speech. Twitter shuts off political ads entirely.. except for the media exception, and we all know which way they lean.

So what's going in happen in 2020?

Trump will say something like "We need to stop the illegals, the criminals, coming into our country, because Mexico is becoming a shithole country where the drug lords can defeat their military." (Not a real quote, but a plausible one). And YouTube will ban his whole speech for that sentence, while Twitter will run weeks of media ads decrying it as racist, and Facebook will put a mandatory fact-check banner under every post that mentions it claiming not all illegal aliens are criminals even though they all entered the country illegally and also calling it racist.

If we allow Trump's speech -- blunt, honest, sometimes hyperbolic -- to be broadly categorized as improper, we will never know what he actually said to judge for ourselves. They will call it hate speech, they will call it vulgar, they will call it triggering, they will call it whatever they need to in order to justify banning it.

Sometimes strong opinions need strong words, and the American people -- especially the Trump voters among them -- are not shrinking violets who need to be protected from a real world in which language is far from the harshest thing that could ever happen to you.

Trump speaks for us.

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