More evidence of SpyGate entrapment

Remember when the Democrats were making a big deal about the alleged Trump tower in Moscow? How Trump's lawyer, Cohen, was supposedly working hard to make some kind of secret deal during the election and that was supposedly proof of Trump's connections to and collusion with Russians?

The man pursuing that deal was FBI informant Felix Sater. At this point, it's well established that the Trump tower meeting with a few Russians was a setup arranged by Fusion GPS; that the mention of Hillary's emails by Papadopulous was incepted by Western intelligence associate Mifsud; that Carter Page, the purported target of the FISA, was a prior FBI informant; that the Russian moving in NRA circles was actually being directed and targeted towards high level politicians by Chris Bryne, CEO and ... yes... FBI informant. And let's not forget the Mike Flynn charges, which were a fraud from beginning to end and twice on Sundays. There's more I'm leaving out, including Halper, who was paid $600,000 in 2015 and 2016 to pretend to write papers while doing very odd things around Trump campaign staff.

People need to go to jail for this. All the way up to the top.

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