Why we have a border...

Two illegal aliens charged with murder of deputy in California, which considers itself a sanctuary state. Because of all the people who just want to come here out of love and the desire to murder police. Luckily, Trump is working to challenge the sanctuary law. Remember when the shoe was on the other foot and Arizona wasn't allowed to enforce immigration laws that Obama didn't want enforced?

Meanwhile, AG Barr might actually enforce the laws concerning good moral character for illegal aliens. Personally, I find this puzzling. Sure, it's good that illegal aliens with multiple DUIs can be deported. But couldn't we just deport ALL the illegal aliens? That is what "illegal alien" means: someone who isn't supposed to be here...

Of course, having run out of other excuses, the Democrats plan to replace the illegals Trump is deporting with 50,000 climate refugees a year. Which is absurd, because there are no climate refugees. It's not a real thing; it's just an excuse for more immigrants, preferably poor ones who can't speak the language and need Democrat handouts to survive.

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