Trump notified by advisors he will be impeached

Sara Carter“Donald Trump has been told by close associates that at least one outside adviser that he will be impeached and the only thing standing between him and removal from office is those 53 Republican senators. That’s according to a trump ally and outside adviser in contact with this white house, who describes trump’s small inner circle as quietly coming to grips with the reality that impeachment is happening and a majority of Americans support it,” said Nicolle Wallace on her MSNBC show.

Who are these close associates? Well, apparently they are anonymous, and they want Trump to protect the Republicans in the Senate, some of whom (those on the Senate Intel Committee at a minimum) were likely involved in SpyGate. That tells me who those associates were: McConnel, Senate Majority Leader, or someone in his case; or, in the alternative, one of the Republicans on the Senate Intel Committee.

And that, I think, reveals the entire impeachment theater exercise for what it is: a political bargaining chip, threatening Trump with impeachment if Barr follows the threads of the SpyGate plot far enough to threaten Democrats in general (Pelosi's part) and Senate Republicans (the people "advising" Trump here).

There's just two problems with that.

First, Trump doesn't need a Senate majority to withstand impeachment. If he's willing to fight, he can survive with just 34 votes. It's nice to have a Senate majority, but it's not a sword of Damocles. Trump can afford to lose any of the Republican senators directly involved here.

Second, interfering with Barr's investigations by threatening impeachment is bordering on obstruction of justice.

And finally... remember that a solid majority of likely voters think the law was broken trying to STOP Trump.

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