Reading between the lines

Daily CallerBritish intelligence told the FBI that dossier author Christopher Steele sometimes showed questionable judgment regarding investigative targets, according to a report that could preview some of the findings in a highly anticipated Justice Department watchdog report of FBI surveillance against the Trump campaign.

"Questionable judgment". For an intel type, that's the kiss of death. They live on their judgment.

New York Times[Inspector General Michael] Horowitz has asked witnesses about an assessment of Mr. Steele that MI6, the British spy agency, provided to the F.B.I. after bureau officials received his dossier on Mr. [Donald] Trump in September 2016. MI6 officials said Mr. Steele, a Russia expert, was honest and persistent but sometimes showed questionable judgment in pursuing targets that others viewed as a waste of time, two people familiar with the assessment said.

In other words, these are probably people named in the assessment, having been given the chance to review it, and are now leaking to friendly reporters to soften the blow.

Daily CallerThe timeline of when the FBI received the MI6 assessment is likely critical to the OIG investigation.

It is unclear if the FBI had the MI6 assessment in hand prior to obtaining the first FISA warrant against Page. It is also not known if the FBI disclosed details of the assessment in the FISA applications.

In other words -- the FBI had the assessment in hand prior to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th FISA renewals, and probably had it before the 1st application but think maybe that isn't provable. And they did not disclose it in the FISA application, but they think maybe they can stretch a vaguely worded footnote they put in to cover it.

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