In the Shadow of the Moon

So Netflix has a newish film production by the above name. It looks like an interesting serial killer mystery with a touch of sci-fi and decent production values. (To be fair, it is that, though the plot "twists" I had confidently predicted before the movie was halfway through). Without going into spoiler territory, though, it has a serious problem.

The plot of the film is basically an attempt to smear the founding fathers -- Jefferson, George Washington, probably others -- and to some extent the American Revolution itself as responsible for racism, white nationalism or some sort of white supremacy (details conveniently left out). It then attempts to justify the murder of innocent people in order to "stop the idea before it is even born", an idea which falls somewhere between censorship and political murder.

I was very offended by the anti-Americanism present. I present this brief review as a warning. I watched it so you will know not to.

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