Significant developments in the Michael Flynn case

It looks likely there was a separate, mostly unreported, FISA on Michael Flynn that allowed his phone calls to be intercepted. That would require a separate FBI investigation into Flynn. We have seen only hints of what the purported predicate for such an investigation would be, mostly involving machinations with Halper around minor and seemingly inconsequential contacts with Russians at social events. (Mifsud, who later contacted Papadopolous, may also have been involved).

There are hints that lead back to Obama. We've known that was likely from the beginning, but we are starting to understand the details. Particularly the distinction between the "law enforcement team" operating by the book; does that imply a separate, national-security team NOT operating by the book, basically set up to feed information into the law enforcement team to use?

If that's how it was set up, it invalidates the whole "by the book" part; you can't follow the rules with one hand while setting things up with the other.

Read the whole thing, linked above, and the links within it, if you haven't already.

Oh, and a prosecutor on Flynn's case recently resigned ... just as a court filing indicated a prosecutor on that case, no longer employed by DOJ, had disclosed grand jury materials to an unauthorized individual (which normal humans call leaking).

UPDATE: Unfortunately DOJ declined to prosecute.

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