Congress subpoenas Rosenstein to produce documents on Clinton

Congress is fed up after waiting four months and receiving only a fraction of the requested documents. So is AG Sessions, apparently.

Washington ExaminerSenior staff on both sides of the street have met on this and the FBI is getting called on the carpet. The Attorney General is angry with how slow the process has moved when it comes to requests from Congress to the FBI. He's told Wray that the pace is unacceptable and that if the FBI needs to double the number of people working on this, then that's what they need to do, but he is done seeing the Department criticized for the FBI's slow walking of requests from Congress like the last administration when these requests should be a top priority.

FBI Director Christopher Wray promptly doubled the number of FBI agents assigned to the task.

Sessions today revealed the name of the outside-DC prosecutor assigned to these matters: John Huber of Utah. Huber is an Obama appointee.

Yeah, about that last bit... we need a second special counsel. I do not trust Obama appointees to investigate and prosecute other Obama appointees. Nothing against Huber; I don't know him. But we need someone with no loyalty to the Obama White House for this.

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