Fake Whistleblower: no quid pro quo on Ukraine call

Turns out the "whistleblower" story is a dud, just as suspected. Presidents can conduct foreign policy pretty much how they please, and Trump wasn't linking financial or military aid to the investigation of Biden. Rather, he was pressuring Ukraine to investigate a former Vice President who allegedly (and to some extent admittedly!) engaged in corrupt acts with US funds in an attempt to interfere with the US elections. Bear in mind here that conditioning US funds on conducting an investigation is not necessarily illegal; the problems come when the investigations are themselves fake or corrupt (Manafort and the black ledger; and Biden pressuring them to drop an investigation of his son). Certainly conditioning US aid packages on investigating political opponents would be questionable. Allowing investigations of the same conduct less so.

Not being mentioned: whoever leaked this to the press is likely to be in serious trouble. There are procedures for whistleblowing, but they don't involve going to the press.

I think Trump should appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the matter. Just to ensure there's no political bias involved, you understand. It's not only justice, it's poetic justice.

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