White House shopping gun control legislation to Congress

The Daily Caller has a fact sheet. I have a couple points to make here.

First, I don't trust Barr or Trump on guns. Barr has history on the issue, and it's not favorable. Trump is a rich guy from New York City; New York City has unfavorable attitudes on guns. Trump has relied on gun owners for political support to some degree, but he's not a gun rights advocate in the sense that many of us are.

Second, I have a policy that the antis get nothing for free. This fact sheet has nothing for us, only things against us. It's a non-starter like that, if you want support from us.

Three, this is a major step towards implementing a firearms registry.

The fact sheet focuses on "advertised commercial sales", which is not well defined, but which I suspect is intended to cover sales at gun shows and sales via internet sites like gunbroker which are currently considered private sales between individuals. It creates a new class of FFLs who do not hold inventory but can conduct background checks. It imposes recordkeeping requirements on sellers and/or the FFL who conducts the background check. It produces a criminal referral for every failed background check (which seems OK, but is hugely problematic when you realize that many background checks come back failed for non-criminal reasons that are eventually cleared up.

And it purports to target "gun smugglers" which was the exact excuse used by the BATFE under Obama to justify Fast and Furious.

If Trump knows what's good for him politically, he'll back off this proposal. If he insists on presenting it, it had better come with national CCW reciprocity or some other positive.

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